Ecology is the scientific study concerning interactions among all organisms living on Earth, their physical and chemical surroundings, and their environment. Ecology is important because it gives us new knowledge which is crucial for our prosperity and wellbeing, and it reminds us of how our acts and habits affect the world around us. Nature and humans are connected; humans have an absolute dependence on environmental resources to provide energy, food, fresh air, and clean water and materials.

Most humans live on this beautiful planet Earth, taking if tor granted and just relying on its resources: animals, plants, minerals, metals, and salts. We enjoy breathing the fresh air, drinking fresh and unpolluted water. Then why are we destroying our planet, on a daily basis? Why do we throw plastic in the oceans and seas, and causing damage and death to so many animals living in it? The animals, along with fish, flora, fauna, forests and so on, are crying for help. Why are we destroying and polluting the air that we breathe with chemtrails and aluminum that is now a part of jet fuel?

We have surely destroyed the ozone layer and if we don t change the way we think and act, we could easily destroy ourselves along with our beautiful green, blue and cloudy white planet. We should start practicing wise ecology and give our contribution to the recovery of the planet because we are depending on it. Our selfishness and neglect of nature, brought us to a level where we are all responsible for climate change and global warming, where the sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying, the wildlife is fighting to keep pace. We should stop taking nature for granted, and respect it, love it, take care of it.

We can start from today: and begin with a few steps such as reducing, recycling, cut the things we don’t need or use. We should never throw any plastic bags or bottles into the sea, that way we are maintaining the clear water and saving animals from choking. Conserve your water. Plant a tree. Shop wisely, and do not use plastic bags. Volunteer and educate yourself about the things you can do to help your planet. It needs you as much as you need it.

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